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  • KQED​: “Hey I’m here, I’m not going anywhere, and I will be here to stay.” ​






  • EUR WEB: ​“...the goal is always representation & authenticity.”

  • THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER​: “But no less essential to the film's infectious spirit is Spencer's irascible Tracy; watching her gradually soften and go with the unorthodox flow of the day is sheer delight.”

  • THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: "Her story was not surrounded by how she overcame her disability to become this person at the end of the story," Spencer said of her character, Tracy, a social worker with ALS.


  • INDIEWIRE​:  “As Tracy, Spencer (a real-life ALS awareness activist) is a genuine breakout with many endearing moments…”


  • CNN​: "I ain't sad about my life. I have learned to embrace my disability and have fun and be positive about it."


  • BLACKFILM.COM​: “In everything I do I want to represent people with disabilities and represent authentically what our lifestyles are in every spectrum. Whether it is the drama or some flashy stuff that I do in my personal time.”

  • INTERVIEW MAGAZINE: "If you’re not promoting something that is of service to others, then you can’t really call yourself an influencer because what are you influencing people to do? 

  • ABLETHRIVE.COM​: “I define self confidence as being comfortable with every aspect of who you are, flaws and all.”

  • LA TIMES ​: “The tensions come to a head when Vic picks up Tracy (a superb Lauren “Lolo” Spencer), an advocate for people with disabilities who’s on her way to help a friend…”

  • NY TIMES​: “...and a woman, Tracy (a terrific Lauren Spencer, who, like Galust, is a nonprofessional performer).”


  • THE NEW YORKER​: “I want to look young, fly, fresh, and fashionable, just like any other woman my age would.”


  • ROGEREBERT.COM​: “But she proves to be an excellent, scene-stealing straight-woman against the chaos of the other riders on the van…”


  • KEVONSTAGE​: “I look at it like, why am I the one everyone feels like needs healing?” 



  • NPR.ORG​: “As Tracy, Lauren "Lolo" Spencer all but pops off the screen.”


  • BRUT AMERICA MEDIA​: “The more I shared, the more people related to it, and the more I realized that my content was really kind of what I like to think is that bridge between the disabled community and the able-bodied community. Kind of educating everyone about disability lifestyle.”

  • AOL.COM​: “With my purpose what is my responsibility, what more do I have to say, what more should I say that I haven’t said already.”

  • BUSTLE​: "Knowing that I'm helping to push the narrative forward and showing that people with disabilities can be fun, fly, and sexy is important.”​



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